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Why Love Yuku? - We are complete social network in a box!

Killer Forums - with every feature imaginable

As one of the first message board providers on the web today, Yuku's forums are one of the most reliable, feature-rich message boards around. We've spent over 13 years fine-tuning our forum hosting technology and rolling out every feature imaginable. From rich profiles to photo galleries, chat rooms, polls, calendars and video embedding... you name it! Yuku's forums have everything you need to create and grow your community. Get started today and you'll be up and running in minutes!

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Tricked-out profiles

Yuku's newly revamped profiles are chock full of the latest social networking features. From activity feeds to photo tagging, blogging, shoutbox comments, profile status, and designer skins, keeping up with friends has never been easier or more fun! And with our advanced privacy controls, members choose exactly what should be public or private.

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Community 2.0

Yuku has evolved way beyond your average hosted forum provider into a next-generation social community platform, hosting some of the world's largest communities with the speed and confidence of a top-tier hosting solution. Each social community is automatically scaled to 30+ servers for optimum speed and is backed up daily to ensure your data is safe. Whether your community is small and tight-knit or enterprise-level, Yuku provides the tools and the expertise to make your community succeed for years to come.

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